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Wireless Broadband

Our wireless service operates in the 2.4GHz spectrum and is most effective for distances up to 10 kilometres from a wireless access point. While limited to line of sight or near line of sight, wireless broadband has the ability to maintain high speeds over large areas.

All wireless plans include free static ip, e-mails, e-mail virus scanning, spam filter and webmail, roaming access dial-up account with 5 free hours per month, personal homepage space and online account management.

Plan Name Price/Month  Included Traffic  Setup Fee
256K Twister $59.95 12 GB^ $99
Plan Features Unlimited hours, unlimited data Speed: 256/256Kbps
384K Cyclone $79.95 22 GB^ $99
Plan Features Unlimited hours, unlimited data, Speed 384/384Kbps
512K Typhoon $89.95 32 GB^ $99
Plan Features Unlimited hours, unlimited data, Speed 512/512Kbps.
^ After you reach the traffic limit speeds may be reduced to 64/64Kps

Connection Fees and Contract Term
No contract terms. Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.

Other Charges
You will need a Proxim Tsunami MP.11 2411 Residential Subscriber Unit to connect to our wireless service. We also recommend the installation of a Hills parabolic grid antenna. Please call 02 9759 0700 for pricing.

Please ensure you are within a 10km range and have direct line of sight to the wireless access point tower. Should our installer determine you are not in a suitable location for our wireless service a $95.00 suitability assessment fee will apply.

Please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.

Order Wireless Broadband

To order online, select your desired plan from the above list, then complete your details below.
Or call 02 9759 0700 to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives.

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