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Datavision Sitecenter

Datavision is pleased to introduce SiteCenter - The online website building and editing solution.

Features for You :

  • Easy-to-use professional web site builder. With no technical experience, anyone can build a compelling, multi-page web site using SiteCenter's new 5-step web site building wizard.
  • Dozens of pre-designed web site templates. SiteCenter includes dozens of professionally designed web site templates which you or your users can choose from when building their web site.
  • Add your own templates to the site builder. The SiteCenter documentation includes a tutorial on how to quickly and easily add your own templates into the site builder. This allows users to choose your template(s) when building their web site.
  • Includes professionally designed company logos. As well as dozens of templates, SiteCenter includes many company/web site logos which your users can choose from when building their web site.
  • Full Macromedia editable region support. SiteCenter works seamlessly with pages built in both Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Contribute that contain restricted editing.
  • Site wide file locking. If one user is editing a file and another user tries to edit the same file, he/she will receive a message indicating that someone is already editing the file and to try again in 5 minutes.
  • Restrict editing to sections of your website that YOU define. You maintain control of your designs. Easily disable functionality, such as delete, rename, upload or create. Only give your clients access to features that you allow!
  • Hide complete files and folders from your clients. You control what folders and file types they are allowed to manipulate. Give them access only to their news or products page. Its up to you!
  • Do you create files in Macromedia Dreamweaver using templates? No problem, SiteCenter edits those files with the editable regions intact, restricting end users so they only edit those regions you specify!
  • Toggle between WYSIWYG and raw code mode. You can directly edit your html code from your browser! Complete HTML and XHTML output.
  • Complete support for stylesheets. If your HTML code contains a <style> tag or links to a stylesheet, then those styles will automatically be available in the stylesheet drop down list on the toolbar!
Plan Name Hosting Add-On Price/Month
Site Center $9.95
Site Center ( for non Datavision Hosted Website) $19.95

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